Swaziland Community Based Volunteers and community members congratulating MoH

The participants included traditional leadership, a nurse from Mshingishingini clinic, members of the MaxART Consortium, Community Based Volunteers (CBVs), support group members, community resource group members and community members. The CBVs were very instrumental in mobilising their communities to participate in the DCCD. A CBV, Ms Thembelihle Emmett, encouraged women to pioneer the use of EAAA services as drivers of successful and healthy homes.



Women participating in the DCCD


“As women, we are mothers; note that behind every healthy and successful home there is a woman hence we need to face HIV head on by ensuring that we live as good examples to our families. Taking an HIV test is a good start and if found with the virus in your blood enrol for EAAA services. 

We appreciate the Ministry for bring HIV treatment closer to us compared to before when ART could only be accessed through the Ntfonjeni clinic which is a distance from here. Having these services here at Mshingishingini is even better, said Ms Emmett.”

She added that as a CBV of the community she will mobilise her fellow community members boldly considering that free EAAA services are within reach, stressing that this is a good move for the health of their families and the entire community of Mshingishingini. This was also confirmed by the group of men during their dialogue.

                                                                            Men dialoguing on EAAA at Mshingishingini Chiefdom

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