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I am Unstoppable- SAfAIDS Leadership Academy Graduate


“I live by Koffi Anani’s quote which says, you are never too young to lead and never doubt your capacity to triumph where others have not”.

Bumba Malambo has become Zambia’s youngest female politician at 24, and is not stopping at anything in her quest for growth. She is a dynamic humanitarian who is a go getter, who believes her destiny is in her hands. Her quest for growth saw her applying to be part of the SAfAIDS Young People’s Leadership Academy, which she qualified for after undergoing a grueling selection process.

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Swaziland: Giving young people a voice

FLAS youths

SAfAIDS in partnership with the Family Life Association implemented a Sexual Reproductive Health ( SRH) national dialogue on Family Planning for young people. The dialogue brought together 30 young people from different organisations working with young people to discuss SRH issues affecting them. The organisations included AMICAALL, Super buddies, Swaziland Young Women’s Network (SYWON), Khulisa umntfwana, Rock of hope, FLAS and SWANNEPHA.

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Swaziland Commemorates World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is globally commemorated every 1st day of the month of December. In Swaziland the 2014 World AIDS Day event was held in Lubombo Region at Siteki sports ground.

Swaziland WAD 2014 The MaxART Consortium information desk during the WAD commemoration event

During this event NGOs working in response to HIV/ were present in their numbers and had their information stalls and onsite services.  SAfAIDS in collaboration with the MaxART Consortium partners; SWANNEPHA and CHAI had on the day collaboratively displayed their information booklets, flyers and leaflets on a single desk with their branded banners set behind their desks.

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A Study of the Outcomes of the Take-Home Food Rations for OVCs in Comunities Affected by AIDS in Malawi: Research Report

A Study of the Outcomes of the Take-Home Food Rations for OVCs in Comunities Affected by AIDS in Malawi, UNICEF, WFP, IDS, Research for Equity and Community Health Trust (Malawi), May 2008

This research project was developed to answer the question of whether and how take-home food rations, delivered through schools and conditional on school attendance, can improve the lives and prospects for vulnerable children, their carers and other household members in communities heavily affected by AIDS.

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Malawi National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2011-2016

The Malawi National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP 2011 – 2016) is a follow up of the National HIV and AIDS Action Framework (NAF 2005– 2009), which was extended to 2011. The NSP seeks to provide continued guidance to the national response to HIV and AIDS, building to work done in the past decade. It is informed by the findings of the Community and Stakeholder consultations the National HIV and AIDS Policy Review (March 2001), the Malawi Growth and Development strategy (2011 – 2016) and the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSP) 2011– 2016; as well as developments in medical and scientific knowledge.


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SAfAIDS Policy Brief: Lesotho Violence against Women and HIV: Upholding the Zero Agenda by moving towards a Protective Legal and Social environment for Women

As in other parts of southern Africa, the existence of a patriarchal society in Lesotho furthers gender inequality and normalises gender-based violence. This creates an unsafe environment for women that compromises HIV programming and is in fact, a direct departure from the zero agenda goal of ensuring zero new infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero discrimination by 2015. As this brief discusses, a protective legal and social environment is not just a possibility; it is a necessity. Without it, women will continue to be victimised and violated, with correspondingly dire implications for the HIV response. Without it, we risk undoing the gains made against HIV in Lesotho.


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SAfAIDS Launches Don’t Hit. Beat Abuse Campaign in Lesotho

LESOTHO, 6 June 2016 (SAfAIDS Media Desk) – In an effort to reduce harmful behavioral practices such as alcohol and drug abuse by young people, SAfAIDS and its partners in Lesotho have launched the Don’t Hit. Beat Abuse campaign. Targeting young people, the campaign is being run in recognition of how drug and alcohol abuse fuel new HIV infections, gender-based violence and other non-communicable diseases. 

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