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Declaration set to address HIV and SRHR in SADC

By Moses Magadza

Women Members of Parliament from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) attending a two day conference organised by SADC PF and other partners in Mahé, Seychelles from 5 to 6 July 2017, have made strong recommendations for greater parliamentary involvement in the ratification and domestication of relevant international and continental instruments relating to women, girls, HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

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Creating renewed husbands, fathers and elders

The economic decline in Zimbabwe between 2008 and 2009 escalated the unemployment rates which resulted in people like Peter Kufahakutizwi from Mafararikwa Village to resort to cross border trading. It was his only way to escape from poverty and support his family as he felt it was safer for him to indulge in such business than his wife. Getting in contact with high risk sexual networks within the cross border business calls for men who are strong and well responsible, and Peter almost found himself trapped between pleasure and family responsibilities. The 2013 gender perspective to multiple sexual partners indicated relatively high-risk behaviour on the part of male respondents than females, with only nine percent of women having two or more sexual partners compared to 19 percent of men, hence Peter was at risk too.

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Living positively: Granny Makhumalo

Self-stigma has an impact on a person’s ability to live positively, it also affects adherence to treatment and access to health services. Makhumalo Chakela, a 57-year-old woman who lives in n Matebeleng Ha Ralebona, in Leribe District found it very difficult to disclose her HIV status to her relatives. After her husband’s death, she discovered she was HIV positive but taking medication was a farfetched idea as she was still grieving.

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Promoting access to Sexual Reproductive Health Information- G&C teacher Muvhundusi Hatidani


Mr Muvhundusi is one of the guide and counselling teachers at Chegato high school in Mberengwa district, which is one of the schools under the SAfAIDS Young People Information Advocacy (YPISA) programme, spearheaded by Betseranai a SAfAIDS partner. He highlighted a number of challenging issues that were affecting students before the intervention of the YPISA programme. Amongst these are bullying, dealing with relationships, pre-marital sex, drugs and alcohol abuse. Reports indicate that young people are at high risk of contracting HIV with 40% of all new HIV infections occurring in 15 to 24 year olds. As such empowerment on sexual health information is a necessity.

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Determined to succeed- Esinathy Sibanda


The SAfAIDS Young People’s Transformational SRHR and Gender Leadership Academy (YPLA), has nurtured me to be more conversant, passionate and cognisant of issues around sexual reproductive health and rights, gender equality and sexual diversity. Although I had already started on my leadership journey on SRHR advocacy work, I lacked the enthusiasm. I did not believe in myself. I was afraid of failing. I could not explore any possibility of a bright future because I was still engulfed in my past. I had anxieties that I did not want to confront and that really had a toll on my confidence.

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Religious practises that deter women’s freedom: Village head Nyamadzawo stepping up!!

A village head of Mafararikwa community (Noah Mafararikwa) usually referred to sabhuku Nyamadzawo as one of the traditional leaders who whole-heartedly committed to work towards achieving gender equality through accepting and involving women and girls in their societal norms and practises. He is part of SAfAIDS Irish Aid Community for Gender Transformation program (CGTF) and he hopes to see his community understanding cultural and religious practises that perpetuate the abuse of women and girls.

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SADC Parliamentary Forum Underway.


SADC Parliamentary Forum in collaboration with Sweden and NORAD; the Regional Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (RWPC); ARASA; SAfAIDS; UNESCO; UNFPA and UN Women is hosting a Women’s Parliament during the 41st Plenary Assembly Session of SADC PF in Mahe, Seychelles. The Women’s Parliament is currently underway.

The Women’s Parliament will provide a rare opportunity for the SADC PF MPs to interrogate the SADC-sponsored Resolution 60/2 which focuses on women, the girl child and HIV and AIDS with a view to determining how they can actively support the realization of its noble objectives.

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