Podcast Series ‘Her Safety, Our Responsibility: Strengthening the SGBV Response during Crises’

Towards sustaining the sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) prevention agenda amid COVID-19, and advancing policy deliberations within the regional SGBV response; SAfAIDS hosted a series of virtual policy advocacy Roundtables with representatives of Ministries of Gender/Women’s Affairs, Health, Education and Justice; Members of Parliament, media practitioners, traditional and religious leaders; from the 16 SADC Member States. Amongst various outputs generated from the Roundtables, the ‘Her Safety, Our Responsibility: Strengthening the SGBV Response during Crises” 6-Episode Podcast Series were developed to continue momentum in SGBV policy advocacy.

Key Issues covered in the Podcast Series:

Episode 1 focuses on understanding the role of the media in responding to SGBV during and after a crisis, and how media can be leveraged as a valuable tool/ally. Episode 2 addresses experiences and lessons from Mauritius, the Kingdom of Eswatini and Namibia, on how the education sector can effectively respond to SGBV during a crisis, with COVID-19 as an example. The third Episode motivates strengthening multi-sectoral coordination; with insights from representatives of the Office of the Prime Minister in the Kingdom of Lesotho and the SADC Secretariat. Episode 4 delves into ensuring access to justice by survivors of SGBV during a crisis, highlighting experiences from Botswana and Zambia. The fifth Episode is an extension of the fourth, and explores justice sector collaboration, with reflections from Malawi. Episode 6 concludes the Series with a focus on how faith-based institutions and traditional leadership structures can contribute to ending SGBV.

Listen to the Podcast Series here:

Episode 1: Understanding the Role of the Media

Episode 2: Education Sector

Episode 3: Multi-sectoral Coordination

Episode 4: Justice Sector- Access

Episode 5: Justice Sector- Collaboration

Episode 6: Faith-based Response