My husband is now a new being!

At first, my husband reluctantly joined the SAfAIDS programme as he was sceptical about it, but now he is at the forefront of mobilising people to join his MasP club in our community, Dzingainhamo. Through the transformation I have witnessed in my husband, I can now attest that it never takes ages for someone to change if the right people and the right information is imparted in a rightful way. Our culture dictates that a man is not supposed to cook, or fetch water when women are around. I am happy to testify that my husband is now assisting me in doing household chores, all because of how the programme impacted on him. He now understands that doing household chores does not de-masculinise him. It is about sharing responsibilities and eases the burden on one’s partner.

I learnt a lot from the SAfAIDS programme which l am going to impart to most women in my community through the WasP club.

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