Walking the talk: Saying Goodbye To Ignorance


 Tritchard Ncube

“Little did I know that information could transform one’s life. Working with BMT and SAfAIDS has imparted knowledge on my rights that I did not know existed. This is no longer theoretical, but something that we live by on a day-to-day basis,” he said.


Tritchard has held meetings with other community members, where they shared information on how they can exercise their rights and demand the services that should be accorded to them. For the Hwange community, it is time to hold public officers to account for what they have promised. Now they understand that the Constitution empowers them to do just that. 



The name Buwalo Matalikilo, is a simple local language (Tonga) phrase meaning  the foundation begins with the youth. This goes well with the mandate of the Asikhulume programme, which is centered on making sure that the health and education of future generations are protected. If the base isn’t strong, it is like building on sandy soil; when the rain comes it wipes away the whole structure. The programme has empowered the youth with information that helps them grow as great leaders.

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