SAfAIDS Statement on Universal Children’s Day

“Today, and throughout the year, we celebrate brave and inspiring children from across the globe who have made ground breaking contributions towards development of other children and the entire human race. Children are our greatest resource and humanity’s best hope for the future; decisions and investments that we make today will determine our children’s future, and ultimately the future of our humanity. Children will inherit the innovations, technology and milestones that we have developed in this generation, unfortunately they will also inherit all the negative outcomes and consequences of war, poverty, limited health care and access to education, child labour and all forms of abuse. As we celebrate this day, we acknowledge positive transformation and development in areas of civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children – while simultaneously we need to critically reflect on the gaps, and areas we have failed to ensure that every child has a right to dignity, basic human rights and security. We cannot claim sustainable development without tangible action and investment towards the holistic development of children. We owe every child a happy and safe childhood!”    Ms. Rouzeh Eghtessadi, SAfAIDS Executive Director

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