SAfAIDS Statement on International Safe Abortion Day (ISAD) 2019



SAfAIDS Statement on International Safe Abortion Day (ISAD) 

28 September 2019



“As we commemorate ISAD2019, SAfAIDS urges policy makers to exercise their obligation of ensuring policy spaces facilitate access to safe abortion by ALL women. Policy makers have an enshrined duty to enable adolescent girls and young women to enjoy their fundamental right to freedom of choice, autonomy, and physical and psychosocial wellbeing. Beyond moralization and judgement; denial of access to safe, legal and unrestricted abortion services is a direct contradiction to the pursuit of Saving Lives, Preserving Dignity and the Human Development agenda of all States. A win-win is enjoyed by both States and their communities and populace, where safe abortion access, and contraceptive access, is effected. More girls and young women completing their education, less  women dying due to unsafe abortion related complications, lowered burden on health economies, and increase in young women contributing to socioeconomic development of their communities – are among the bigger picture wins, pivotal to this SRHR advocacy agenda.” Ms Rouzeh Eghtessadi, Acting Executive Director, SAfAIDS 

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