SAfAIDS Press Statement on Prophet Walter Magaya’s Claims on HIV Cure

The recognition and respect for fundamental human freedoms, including freedom of religion and belief, and linked expression forms the core of human existence. It is the same recognition that informs the national HIV strategic response. SAfAIDS thus submits that any claims for landmark improvements and discoveries such as HIV cure, great as they sound, do require the comprehensive, inclusive, scientific and obligatory support and solidarity from all stakeholders as this has implications on the health and lives of millions of people.

These stakeholders involve the Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the National AIDS Council, the Medical and Academic Research Community and other like-minded stakeholders both within and outside Zimbabwe. It is evident that Prophet Magaya’s claims lack this requisite support and solidarity from the body politic. Whilst the claims were made in public, the absence of that solidarity fuels anxiety and misinformation on HIV and AIDS among the citizens.

With due respect to Prophet Magaya’s faith, and his commitment to play a part in the fight against HIV and AIDS, the approach taken, and claims made by the Prophet, are therefore sensational and inconsistent with the established fabric set by the national HIV strategic response coordinated by the National AIDS Council. The response is anchored on strengthening inclusivity, addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination, preventing new HIV infections, strengthening treatment literacy and drug adherence, and promoting the coordination of qualified research and dissemination of correct verifiable HIV and AIDS research results and related information.

The admission by the Prophet that he has already tested his HIV medicinal formulation on human subjects, and confirms cure is worrisome as it violates ethical conduct. This is an unfortunate precedent set by Prophet Walter Magaya as it suggest the church assuming control and power over vulnerable and marginalised communities outside the sphere of the informed consent of human participants and State regulation.

SAfAIDS as a centre of excellence that promotes effective and ethical development responses to SRHR, HIV and TB and other developmental issues, therefore urges all PLHIV to continue taking their medication, and desist from paying attention to scientifically unsupported claims. This is on the basis that accurate health / HIV information is a key pillar of the constitutionally preserved right to health care.

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