Positive Talk Live Chat: The Cheating quandary!!!!

Young people agreed that when they enter into a relationship, they easily become emotionally attached, almost becoming addicted to the relationship such that when they discover that they are being cheated on, they do not take it lightly, with some even contemplating suicide. Young people agreed that cheating affects them too, with them in some instances becoming the cheaters, often with older people, thereby exposing themselves to Sexually Transmitted Infections.

“I have ground rules with my side chicks, they have times to call, text and they already know that there is an official girl. In that case my girlfriend will never find out’’. Positive Talk posed questions on whether the young man feels this is a good way of handling relationships, and as usual, the response was evasive. It was pointed to them that this is a risky behaviour as the circle of multiple partners exposes them to STIs and HIV.

Another young man also highlighted that cheating amongst adolescents might be because of situational reasons where, as young people, they are exposed to scenarios that tempt them to indulge into sexual activities outside the real relationship. ‘Peer pressure is a powerful tool in influencing young people to have multi partners outside their relationships”, he said.

“I don’t agree that cheating is about men only. Today’s young women are the biggest problem in our society. Some of them know that this guy is married but they keep on having a sexual relationship with him. At first they use condoms, and as time goes on, they forget about protection. She will be like a small house’’.

Positive Talk therefore believes that both young men and women have to take note of the risks involved when cheating. Having an honest relationship is the key to eradicate issues of hurt, depression and HIV infections. Infidelity in a relationship is not only damaging to relationship health, but to the mental health of both partners.

Lesson learnt as young people

If l decide to be in a relationship, I have to be faithful to my partner, being positive in our engagements so as to stay in a healthy relationship. We also have to know our HIV status so as to make informed decisions.

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