PITCH project is supported by AIDS Fonds in Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Indonesia, Vietnam & Ukraine

Aim – Ending AIDS epidemic in countries most affected by HIV; supporting them to transform national HIV responses by strengthening their advocacy skills and capacities and promoting innovative evidence-informed practice

Advocacy – should lead to a more effective response to ensure equal access to SRH services by ALL & leaving no one behind!

HIV is still a major public health threat with HIV prevalence estimated to be:

  • 28 times higher among people who inject drugs
  • 12 times higher among sex workers
  • 60% of new infections among young people are within 15-24 yrs age group
  • People in need of HIV services often have poor access to effective treatment and prevention options

The PITCH (Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV Response) seeks to:

  • Facilitate equal access to HIV related services for KPs, youth, women and girls groups in Zimbabwe
  • Promote SRH Rights for KPs, youth, women, and girls affected by HIV
  • Equal and full rights for all KPs, youth, women and girls in Zimbabwe
  • Strengthen KP, youth, women, and girls CSOs in HIV and rights advocacy in Zimbabwe