SAfAIDS is implementing the HER Voice Funded – “Liphimbo Lami” programme to increase empowerment and participation of AGYW – by increasing access to social protection and economic empowerment programmes for AGYW, and by encouraging and promoting AGYW participation in national HIV and SRH programming and policy implementation processes.

The project will be implemented in four regions of Eswatini. The regions will be engaged based on their different issues/challenges. It has been highlighted that during this COVID-era, that adolescent girls and young women were highly affected in terms of access to sexual reproductive health and rights services. In all the four regions of Eswatini, there has been a high increase in teenage pregnancies, gender-based violence related issues raised by adolescent girls and young women.  In one of the regions, (Shiselweni), reports reveal that there was an unmet need for adolescents exercising their sexual rights in a holistically approach.