The Strengthening CSOs for the Promotion of a Safe and Secure Environment for Children and Young People (CIVSAM) project is funded by the Sweden (Sida) through Plan International Zambia. The project seeks to empower young people and children to claim their SRH rights through sexual reproductive health education and assures access to comprehensive sexual reproductive health services as well as strengthening CSOs, sexual reproductive rights and health, child protection, youth governance and participation. The overall goal of the Programme is towards equipping children between the ages of 10 to 19 years with knowledge on child rights to ensure child protection as well as to have young men and women actively involved in decision making processes relating to policy making, rights advocacy and child protection at community and district levels. The project is being implemented in four districts of Central Province namely; Chibombo, Chisamba, Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi districts.

Outcome1: Children, adolescents and youth have the knowledge and advocacy skills on child rights, and to support and promote child protection among their peers and in communities increased to 85%.

Outcome 2: Changed attitudes, practices and behaviors towards ASRHR, among gatekeepers in the community (parents, religious leaders, health workers and tradition by training 35 gate keepers (15 Religious Leaders, 20 Health workers)

Outcome 3: Children, adolescents and youth claim their SRH rights and have access to comprehensive sexual reproductive health services by training 30 CSE club matrons and patrons.