Knowledge Is power; Education Is The Weapon To Facilitate Change

Ephraim Ncube (pictured) is a youth advocate who has been empowered through the Asikhulume/ Ngatitaure/ Let’s Talk programme. He shares how his life has been transformed.


Ephraim Ncube

“Previously, strolling the streets, involvement in political campaigns and abusing drugs was the story of my life. I did not see myself making any difference in my community. The Asikhulume programme made me realise my self-worth and that although I regarded myself as a nonentity, I had the power to impact my village, district – and the nation at large – by contributing to policymaking initiatives. This programme has empowered me as a young person and provided me with knowledge on the Constitution of Zimbabwe, particularly Chapter 2 paragraph II, which covers the declaration of human rights and freedom.

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