Dream and become your dream -Mbanangwa Kwilasya-Malawi

I never wanted to miss the opportunity of the leadership training to mould myself and create a better version of me. Initially, my future looked bleak, as I was very much uncertain of what l wanted to be in life. When l started the YPLA training l became so interested in Sexual Reproductive Health issues, which made my dissertation very easy as l was pursuing a degree in Social sciences.

The training sparked my interest in uplifting other young women in their career development and sexual health issues. With a couple of friends at my college, l decided to start a foundation which created scholarships to other less privileged young girls to have an opportunity to enrol in college. Our foundation is called Rising Sun Foundation. It was not only a scholarship for young women who excel in school but for those who were also average to have the same opportunity to build their future as independent women.

It takes commitment and sacrifice to contribute something to the community. We started with our own money to finance other young women. Education is not very expensive in Malawi. If one comes from a middle class family, his/her pocket money can finance someone to go to school. We never stopped dreaming. Creating a foundation means that we wanted it to grow big and become one of the best. We started fundraising activities to attract companies to choose children to sponsor, starting with companies where our parents worked at. They appreciated our idea and even offered internship for students from our foundation, with companies following suit.

Our idea got buy in and is bearing fruits such that we are now focusing on the technical expertise for women. It is no longer only offering scholarship to get into college but also scholarships for those women who want to venture into unique professions which are dubbed as being masculine like engineering. We are giving them the chance to change history and take up the challenges.

As l always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, l am proud to say that I am left with one year to finish my second degree where I am studying law.

My inspiration and drive comes from my mother. She gave birth to me when she was still young but she went back to school to create a better future for us. She is always there to support me on every single idea that l come up with. She is more than happy to see me helping other young women to be economically and financially independent.

I always do a lot of workshops with my beneficiaries, educating each other on issues of Sexual Reproductive Health.

Dream and become your dream, there is no limit and be present in your dreams.

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