Creativity begins with empowerment! CTRF program at the core!

Dickson Maronganisa one of my best friend who was already part of the CTRF programme got me at the core such that l eventually changed my mind. This surprised most of my classmates and wondered what had transpired. I became the one to create the duty roaster to take turns for boys and girls to keep the classroom clean.

My school youngsters are now following my footsteps. They all look up to me as a big brother who inspires and instils good advice to transform other boys. I was the one who eventually initiated to plant a flower bed in front of our classroom. We wanted our form 6 classroom to be well presentable to resemble the classroom of senior students at the school. As senior students at Bumhira high school in Nyanga we want to walk the talk, being role models to our fellow students.

Thank you SAfAIDS and partner DOMCCAP for coming with the Changing The River’s Flow program in some of the remote areas like Bumhira High School. When someone has been raped or sexually assaulted we now know where to report. I am now a real man who stands and fight for girls to reach a gender equitable society.

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