Social Accountability for SRHR/HIV Advocacy Toolklt
Author: SAfAIDS
Publish: 2021
Publisher: SAfAIDS
Pages: 140
Country: Southern Africa
Language: English
Dimension: 63 x 30
File size(e-book): 5.25MB
Book URL: Download

This toolkit offers tools and methods that can be used by civil society organisations, community
based groups, and youth groups. It is intended as a ‘How To’ Guide and provides tools on linking
SAM for SRH/HIV services delivery and policy advocacy, applied by community-based networks
of various skill-sets at national and regional level.

The manual is designed to build the capacity civil society organisations, community based
groups, and youth groups to engage in processes that seek social accountability for sexual and
reproductive rights and to link advocacy efforts to social accountability monitoring related to
SRHR and HIV. The curriculum takes participants through the basic understanding of sexual and
reproductive rights and allows participants to explore how different youth gain access or are
denied these rights. Users of the manual would then be taken through a basic understanding
of social accountability monitoring as well as advocacy.

The intention is for targeted users of the toolkits to have the necessary resources to develop
effective advocacy campaigns related to the SAM for SRHR and HIV. This curriculum draws
on methodologies/resources already developed by different organisations. Wherever these
resources are used, a reference and link to the resource is provided for further information.
As per our experience, each session would take a couple of hours to be completed and this needs
to be considered to accommodate the other activities that participants have to do in a day. The
training can therefore be rolled out over a series of days or weeks during regular group meetings.
The separate modules outlined below build on each other.