SCORE Baseline Report
Author: SAfAIDS
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We are extremely grateful to all the individuals – including young people, adult women, sex
workers and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons (LGBTI) from South Africa,
Zambia and Zimbabwe who participated in this baseline.
Thanks is extended to the SAfAIDS steering committee who managed the implementation
and gave support to the baseline, namely; Jabulani Mavudze, Juliet Mkaronda, Chido Musiya,
Lovemore Tinarwo, Ngoni Chibukire, Rouzeh Eghtessadi and Lois B. Chingandu for the overall
technical guidance in this evaluation. Sincere gratitude goes to SAfAIDS’ country offices in South
Africa and Zambia for their support for in country logistics.
Without financial support from Sweden/Norad, this exciting baseline would not be possible.