Cultural Dialogue Evaluation Study Final Report
Author: SAfAIDS
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This study was made possible throughthe inputs of many people. Special thanks go toRTI International, with support from the Centre for Disease Control, for entrusting SAfAIDS to carry outsuch an important study. We acknowledge the men, women, out-of and in-school girls who participated in the study as respondents. Specifically, our special gratitude goes to traditional leaders, government authorities, and the Director of Seke Rural Home-Based Care, Mrs Veronica Ngwerume, who spared her time to share her views with us.The overall guidance and oversightprovided by SAfAIDS Executive Director, Mrs Lois Chingandu, was invaluable. We also acknowledge the comments that the SAfAIDS Deputy Director, Miss RouzehEghtessadi made to this work, as well as various contributions made by SAfAIDS staff. In addition, we would like to acknowledge our research assistants, namely Mr Joshua Chigodora, Ms Patience Masuka ,Mr Oliver Gore and MrBenjamin Maniwo. Our special thanks would not be complete without acknowledging Ms Vivienne Kernohan who did final editing of this report.