Consolidated Mapping Report – Rock 90 Leadership Programme
Author: SAfAIDS
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Overview of the Rock Leadership Project: SAfAIDS has begun implementing the Rock Leadership “90”: Strengthening Capacity of Traditional Leaders to Champion the Community Response to Ending AIDS in Africa Project with funding from UNAIDS. The project aims to strengthen community led responses to address community level factors affecting uptake and access to HIV services in selected districts in four (4) countries (Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe) in Southern Africa. The overall goal of this intervention is to strengthen the community response towards the achievement of Fast Track targets for Ending AIDS; through capacitating community leadership to Champion the End of AIDS, in Southern Africa, by 2016. The Rock Leadership Project is being implemented in district of Zomba in Malawi, the chiefdoms of Timbutini, Vuvuleni, Maphalaleni and Qomintaba in Swaziland, Marondera in Zimbabwe and Kafue in Zambia.