An Integrated Response to HIV Final Baseline Assessment Report
Author: SAfAIDS
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SAfAIDS would like to acknowledge district authorities in Bubi, Mberengwa and Norton districts who approved the carrying out of data collection in the selected wards. We also extend our acknowledgements to Irish Aid for the financial support that enabled the undertaking of this baseline assessment in Bubi, Mberengwa and Norton districts. SAfAIDS also acknowledge the role played by Betseranai, Bekezela and Ndaiziva in sensitizing and mobilizing communities and stakeholders in their respective operational districts for the success of this assessment; the three partners have good relationship with respective district stakeholders and this enabled the smooth and efficient implementation of the assessment in the shortest time possible. In addition, the three implementation partners seconded their staff member to participate as Enumerators. Acknowledgement is also accorded to community leaders, adult men and women and adolescents from the selected wards in each of the three districts who participated as respondents in this assessment.