Action Linking Interventions on GBV and HIV (ALIGHT) through intergrated male involvement, Traditional Leadership engagement and Stepping stones model in Malawi.
Author: SAfAIDS
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Funded by UNAIDS, SAfAIDS is partnering with COWLHA to implement the Action Linking Interventions on GBV and HIV Together Framework (ALIGHT) through Integrated Male Involvement, Traditional Leadership Engagement and Stepping Stones Models in Malawi, in order to reach out to the targeted populations. The project targets three Traditional Authorities (TAs) namely, M’biza, Mlumbe and Mwambo in the Southern Region of Malawi in Zomba District. This region has a higher HIV prevalence that is almost double than that of Central and Northern regions combined. SAfAIDS and COHLWA have not implemented any projects in Zomba District and therefore is an ideal site to implement the SAfAIDS Male involvement and Rock Leadership Models and COHLWA Stepping Stones Model and later evaluate the impact of the models and their relevance on GBV and HIV, especially for women and girls.