“Global cancer morbidity and mortality rates remain disturbingly high, despite all the investments that have been made towards prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. We need to creatively and innovatively come together to fully harness the potential of our expertise in technology, research, science, advocacy and information dissemination to strengthen initiatives aimed at preventing and treating cancer.” SAfAIDS Executive Director, Mrs Lois Chingandu

SAfAIDS joins the rest of the Zimbabwean and global community in mourning the passing of the musical and artistic icon and philanthropist, Dr Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi. ‘Tuku,’ as he was affectionately known, made remarkable contributions to the music and arts sector during his legendary career; socialising, influencing, unifying and inspiring hope among generations of Zimbabweans, Africans and others. His music offered distinguished commentary on socio-cultural issues promoting dialogue on key issues including HIV, gender equality, child marriage and gender based violence (GBV).



SAfAIDS expresses its full support and solidarity with the United Nations Human Rights Committee, General Comment No. 36 of 2018 on Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), on the Right to Life. The General Comment expands the understanding of the right to life in the submission that the right includes entitlements of individuals to live and enjoy a life of dignity.  In its entirety, the right to life constitutes a fundamental right whose effective protection is the medium through which all other human rights are exercised and enjoyed.


“Girls are a special resource and vast investment, whose potential remains largely undermined and untapped. There is need to move away from gender equality rhetoric, and scale up actual action towards achieving equality at all levels as part of the global commitment towards realizing gender equality and equity.

SAfAIDS, through regional and local programmes in the SADC region, remains highly committed to safeguarding and promoting the rights of the girl child. We join the rest of the world in striving for gender equality on this day, 11th October and every other day throughout the year. We must be mindful that girls are an Investment for the progress of society as a whole. We cannot talk about development without addressing the inequality hindering our girls’ progress and development.  We need to address child marriages, teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortions and all forms of violence perpetrated against girls. We owe it to our girls and our future, to fully invest in the development of the girl child.” SAfAIDS Executive Director, Mrs Lois Chingandu




Commemorating International Safe Abortion Day

28th September 2018


“Addressing barriers to adolescent girls’ and women’s access to abortion in the region and globally is a matter of urgency. Restrictive legislative frameworks and criminalisation of abortion does not prevent abortion. It only renders it unsafe and threatening to health and lives. The high incidence of mortality due to unsafe abortions is unnecessary loss of life. This can easily be prevented when adolescent girls and women’s decisions and choices over their bodies are respected & EVERYONE commits to protect the rights, health, safety and well-being of millions of adolescent girls and women in SADC.