“I know my HIV Status’’ Campaign Held In Gweru

“I know my HIV Status’’ Campaign Held In Gweru

SAfAIDS, in partnership with VOTO Mobile and CHAI, collaborated with FHI 360, PSI and NAC to conduct four “I know my HIV Status” campaigns in Mkoba 14, Mkoba 16, Senga and Mutapa from 2627 November 2017. The campaigns are part of a three-year mobile social marketing project that seeks to create personalised engagement to encourage at risk HIV populations to get tested and seek care,  while promoting increased HIV prevention knowledge levels among adolescents through mobile delivered audio magazines. The project will also collect relevant data to inform future work with young people. The project’s primary target is adolescent girls and boys who suffer a disproportionate burden of the HIV epidemic but are also early adopters of new and innovative health information dissemination technologies.

The Methodology



Creating demand for integrated services enabled the “I know my HIV status” campaign to reach over 3,600 young people with sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HIV prevention messages in the four areas visited. Estimated reach for young people based on listenership, was projected at 100,000. This amplified the programme’s impact in the province, with  1,350 young people subscribing to the audio magazine platform, while  135 people (65 males and 70 females) accessed health testing services (HTS) provided by PSI.

People waiting to access HTS during the campaign


A live broadcast of the event was facilitated by Midlands 98.4 and disseminated the Toll Free 0783909993 number throughout the Midlands province 

SAfAIDS staff disseminating SRHR and HIV prevention information on Midlands 98.4 community radio station


                               Edutainment activities at Mkoba 16