Let Us Commit To Closing The Tap To New HIV Infections: Richman Rangwani

By Elizabeth Ndhlovu-Dumbreni

Richman Rangwani

My name is Richman Rangwani and I am proudly living with HIV. I am representing the traditional leadership community at this forum and I am also a councillor in Mhondoro Ngezi District. Although I have been victimised in person and in the media for speaking up for key populations, this hasn’t stopped me from doing what I know is the right thing to do.

We all need to face the reality that key populations are part of us if we are to close the tap of new HIV infections in the country. Every individual must have access to healthcarewhatever our sexual orientation.It is a right. We need to sensitise communities and healthcare workers so that they create a friendly environment for all patients, key populations included.

I urge members of parliament to work hand in hand with traditional leaders. We need to have a consultative dialogue so that we all have a better understanding of key populations in the light of HIV. Let us work together and embrace members of  key populations in our constituencies.

We all need to act as role models in society and push for recognition of key population issues at all levels.