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TB, is the world’s top infectious disease killer, claiming 5 000 lives each day. The heaviest burden is carried by communities already facing socio-economic challenges such as  migrants, refugees, prisoners, ethnic minorities, miners and others working and living in risk-prone settings, and marginalized women, children and older people (WHO: 2017).

SAfAIDS news

Global AIDS Week of Action - One week. One voice

18 May 2008
24 May 2008

Is the world doing enough to stop AIDS? Take action in your country and show solidarity globally.

SAfAIDS At World Summit on Information Society

In 2005, SAfAIDS was contracted in conjunction with Delft University to conduct a study on ICT for mitigating HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. The final report is available at It will be presented at the WSIS ICT4 All expo on the 18th November in Tunis.

Regional Wokplace Symposium Presentations - June 2007

SAfAIDS - HIVOS 2nd Regional Symposium on HIV and AIDS in the World of Work: Working for Health: Innovative Models in HIV and AIDS Programming in the World of Work,

27 -29 June 2007, Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka Zambia.


Below is a list of the presentations at the symposium categorised according to days

New Publications - available in the SAfAIDS Resource Centre

1. Ending Child Marriage: A Guide for Global Policy Action. International Planned Parenthood Federation. 2006. New York: The Forum on Marriage and the Rights of Women and Girls.

SAfAIDS - HIVOS 2nd Regional Symposium on HIV and AIDS in the World of Work

The HIV and AIDS epidemic has become a global crisis which affects all the levels of society. Increasingly affected, is the business world, which is suffering not only from the human cost to the workforce but also in terms of losses in profits and productivity that result in many new challenges for both employers and employees.

Five years after DOHA, drug prices are on the rise - MSF Press Release

Countries must make more use of TRIPS flexibilities


Geneva - Drug prices are on the rise five years after the historic signing of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS* and Public Health at the 2001 World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial meeting in Doha, Qatar, the international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontierès (MSF) stressed today.

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