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TB, is the world’s top infectious disease killer, claiming 5 000 lives each day. The heaviest burden is carried by communities already facing socio-economic challenges such as  migrants, refugees, prisoners, ethnic minorities, miners and others working and living in risk-prone settings, and marginalized women, children and older people (WHO: 2017).

SAfAIDS news

Senate Passes Landmark AIDS, TB and Malaria Bill

Washington, July 16 - Today the US Senate passed a crucial bill, backed by President Bush, that reauthorizes the US program on global HIV/AIDS while also authorizing much greater funding for programs to address tuberculosis and malaria.

SOUTH AFRICA: "Is there a virus in the house?"

JOHANNESBURG, 15 July 2008 (PlusNews) - Hidden behind the high walls that surround most middle-class suburban homes in South Africa is one of the largest and most marginalised black, female workforces in the country.

Domestic workers are still a standard feature of many households. Their labour is cheap and in plentiful supply, and many families rely on them to cook, clean and look after their children.

Kenyan wins landmark HIV ruling

The High Court ruling is a victory for HIV campaigners in Kenya. An HIV-positive Kenyan woman has won $35,000 in a landmark ruling against her employer for unfair dismissal. The 45-year-old waitress, whose identity has been withheld, also sued her doctor for revealing her HIV status without her consent.

Study Finds Antiretroviral Treatment Approach in South Africa, Switzerland Equally Successful

Study finds that South Africa's "programmatic" public health approach to HIV treatment was as effective as the "individualized" approach used in Switzerland

The prevalence of domestic violence in volunteers for abortion and contraceptive research studies.Contraception;78(1):79-83.2008

The prevalence of domestic violence (DV) in research subjects has not been evaluated. In the general population, about 25% of women report DV. We hypothesize that participants in research studies would report similar rates of abuse to women in the general population and that subjects in abortion studies would report higher rates of abuse than women in other gynecologic studies.

Breakthrough in Diagnosis of TB

Tuberculosis can now be diagnosed within a day, the World Health Organisation has announced. The breakthrough diagnostic method will cut the time in which the disease is diagnosed from its present two to three months.

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