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True achievement lies in the will to become the best: My Path of life

HARARE, 07 February 2017 (SAfAIDS) - Despite living a Ghetto life where sometimes temptations of misbehaving can be overwhelming, l surpassed my enticement beyond doubt. I never wanted the ghetto life style to infiltrate me. I only believed that good parenting comes from a mother because my mother raised me well without a father figure. My name is Timothy Bengo from Malawi a SAfAIDS Young People’s Leadership Academy (YPLA) Mentee.

Fatherhood Clubs-Promoting active fatherhood and positive parenting

CHIREDZI, 27 January 2017 - SAfAIDS, in partnership with FACT Chiredzi motivated 14 community leaders and fathers drawn from 7 communities in Chiredzi to commit to promoting active fatherhood and positive parenting. Moving away from the acceptable norm where women are often regarded as the home tenderers, men in Chiredzi took it upon themselves to actively participate in the lives of their children and the general household peaceful environment through adopting responsible parenting. 

SAfAIDS works with a Rank Marshall to make public transport safe for the girl child

SAfAIDS - Commuter omnibus crews and Rank Marshalls are often associated with vagarism and thuggish behavior. This is often witnessed in how they carry out their day-to-day duties.  It took Mkhokheli Khumalo attending a SAfAIDS DREAMS Male Mobilizers workshop to commit his life to making his workplace safe for the girl child who boards minibuses and often faces both physical and sexual abuse.

My journey: Challenging stigma and discrimination in the workplace

Stigma and discrimination is borne of fear and ignorance which might be overcome by openness and access to information. HIV is still regarded as taboo in some of the African societies. That is why HIV positive people have challenges in getting proper jobs they are trained for and sometimes never fulfil their dreams.

SAfAIDS Executive Director’s Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

2016 has fast come and gone! We are now in December, the last month of 2016. As in past years, the 1st of December is a day when the whole world commemorates World AIDS Day. SAfAIDS joins the rest of the world today in standing together and walking the Ending AIDS by 2030 journey with zest. This is the day that we need to raise awareness about HIV and demonstrate our commitment and solidarity to all efforts being done in the global HIV response.

Positive Talk live chat: Teenage pregnancies

SAfAIDS Media Desk, 17 October 2016 (SAfAIDS) - Against the backdrop of many reported cases of teenage pregnancies and abortion, Positive Talk Live chat put up the issue for discussion to bring to light why this trend is increasing at an alarming rate. The discussion aimed to bring out the issues of responsibilities and choices made by young people and the risks associated with indulging in sexual activity.

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