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Our Country Projects

Strengthening Community Capacities in Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment of HIV and AIDS

In July 2006, under USAID (Regional HIV/AIDS Program) funding received through Pact, SAfAIDS embarked on a Regional HIV/AIDS Intervention aimed at strengthening capacities of communities, through skills building of community based organisations, to enable their optimised and successful prevention, care, support and treatment responses.

Seke Project: A Cultural Approach to Addressing HIV, and Women Rights in Southern African Communities

A project to reduce the vulnerability of women and girls to HIV in a rural setting by encouraging participation and dialogue among communities in the links between gender, HIV and culture was initiated by SAfAIDS in February 2007. This project direction was identified following research in the country, in Namibia and in Mozambique commissioned by SAfAIDS where it was identified that the patriarchal society which is evident in the entire southern Africa region is a contributory factor in the increase of risk of HIV for women and girls.

Women's Project: Addressing the Interlinkages Between Culture, Gender Based Violence, HIV and AIDS and Women’s Rights

When gender based violence is combined with HIV and AIDS, the two scourges are more lethal than viewed as mutually exclusive. While women's organizations in Zimbabwe have been active in advocating for the rights of the women and the girl child, socially and economically, there has been a clear lack of linking these rights with gender based violence, culture and HIV and AIDS. It is against this background that SAfAIDS is carrying out a project of strengthening the capacity of women's organizations to address the interlinkages between culture, gender based violence, HIV and AIDS and women's rights.

Children's Project: Redefining Child Rights within a Cultural Framework in the Era of HIV and AIDS

SAfAIDS in recognition of the plight of the Zimbabwean child is carrying out a pilot project whose goal is to locate children's rights within the fundamental values of the people of Zimbabwe, while supporting the child to realize its full potential and sense of belonging through dialogue with communities. SAfAIDS intends to carry out a series of dialogues to explore how child rights are perceived, respected, fulfilled and protected in their own context. This information will be used to develop an appropriate model for dealing with children's rights issues in African communities and will be used as a basis for holistic HIV and AIDS programming using a culturally relevant child rights approach.

SAfAIDS Zambia Country Office: Central Coordinating HIV and AIDS Information and Advocacy Hub

Supporting Zambia’s Advocacy Campaign for People Living with HIV and AIDS


Officially launched on 29th May, 2009 and fully operational since then, the central hub is situated at SAfAIDS premises in Lusaka. Establishment of the advocacy hub was inspired by little/lack of coordination of HIV and AIDS advocacy efforts around the country. As part of a key component of the Community Preparedness Project, which SAfAIDS Zambia is implementing, pools of activists and advocates have been trained in Advocacy Skills to implement successful campaigns, but despite this achievement in building the capacity of these advocates, a wide gap still exists for implementation of a well coordinated campaign. This has led to, among other things, little recognition of advocacy efforts, achievements and low participation of stakeholders in advocacy activities.