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Workplace HIV Programmes: Implementation Guide, ILO and SAfAIDS, 2010

This Implementation Guide assumes that a workplace HIV policy is already in place in the user organisation or sector. The Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development Manual covers the principles and practical steps for development of such a policy. The Implementation Guide is a quick reference resource to assist focal persons in the workplace with the 'how to' of workplace HIV programming in Zimbabwe, and provides a basis for the implementation of a comprehensive workplace HIV workplace programme, in conjunction with the Training Manual, where detailed reference material to support the programme implementation may also be found.


Use of the Implementation Guide For ease of use, the Implementation Guide is divided into two sections; the first covers the most basic aspects of any functional workplace HIV programme. The second section recogises the fact that smaller enterprises and the informal sector (where groups of employers can come together to form a programme) may need to first implement the more general aspects of an effective workplace HIV programme before thinking of providing programmes such as STI, ART and OI treatment for which they may require additional support from either NGOs or professional healthcare personnel.


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