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Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development: Training Manual, ILO and SAfAIDS, 2010

The training manual serves as an important guide intended for use, either as part of training workshop to develop workplace HIV programmes, or for workplace policy development. It takes the user through a step by step sequence in establishing workplace HIV policy and programmes, providing guidance on how to involve various stakeholders in programming and on how to create strategic partnerships in a workplace setting. It also guides on how to monitor and evaluate workplace programmes.


The manual comes in two parts with the first part – the Manual – describing a step-by-step approach of responding to the risks of HIV and AIDs by developing and implementing HIV policies, giving examples of current prevention education, treatment, care and support programmes in the workplace. The second part, which is the Implementation Guide, serves as a stand-alone practical implementing guide for those responsible for establishing and running workplace HIV programmes. It gives practical step-by-step information about running the various key aspects of such a programme.


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Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development: Training Manual 1.62 MB