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UNAIDS Best Practices Collection: Issue 2 - 2000

Summary booklet of Best Practices in Africa . Issue 2 of the Summary Booklet series, UNAIDS 2000
Identifying practices around the world that work in responding to the AIDS pidemic, and examining how and why they work, is one of the UNAIDS Secretariat's main tasks. UNAIDS and its cosponsors promote the sharing of these practices, including through such means as documentation and widespread distribution of the lessons learned.


The concept of Best Practice is not reserved for "ultimate truths" or "gold tandards." For UNAIDS, Best Practice means accumulating and applying nowledge about what is working and not working in different situations and contexts. In other words, it is both the lessons learned and the continuing process of learning, feedback, reflection, and analysis (what works, how and why, and so forth). 

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