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True achievement lies in the will to become the best: My Path of life

HARARE, 07 February 2017 (SAfAIDS) - Despite living a Ghetto life where sometimes temptations of misbehaving can be overwhelming, l surpassed my enticement beyond d

oubt. I never wanted the ghetto life style to infiltrate me. I only believed that good parenting comes from a mother because my mother raised me well without a father figure. My name is Timothy Bengo from Malawi a SAfAIDS Young People’s Leadership Academy (YPLA) Mentee.


My mother worked hard to make sure l accomplished my education like other children. Little did I know that I was born with HIV? After my mother disclosed my HIV status, l had so many questions that required answers. Gradually, it dawned on me that being born HIV positive does not impede my capabilities and who l want to be. My status grew my passion for HIV and AIDS issues and challenging stigma and discrimination at our school. That was when l joined Youth Action Movement when l was in form 3 and l was trained as a peer educator. I so determined as l had many dreams to accomplish in my life, and I had to make it happen.


Last year (2016), l managed to have a panel discussion at the National Youth Conference where the president of Malawi was part of the panellist, charting the way for the leader that was growing inside me. That same year, I also completed my Diploma in Journalism at the National Institute of Journalism in Malawi. I am now working as a Journalist at YFM in my country.


Because l joined the YPLA programme, l am now empowered to share what I have learnt from the YPLA training. I always support the saying, ’Nothing for us without us’’. There is no us as young people and young leaders if we do not bring change in our communities. To curb HIV infections and eradicate stigma in our communities we have to work together as young people.


And yes, the world is our oyster.

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