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Toolkit for Integrating LGBTI Issues Into HIV & GBV Prevention

LGBTI Toolkit


What is this Toolkit about?


This Toolkit shares information, tools, activities, and skills building ideas and methods to support organisations and individuals to better understand the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI) in HIV and gender-based violence work in their communities. This Toolkit provides a means to disseminate information pertaining to African sexualities, human sexuality and sexual minorities. It specifically addresses how sexual orientation and gender identity relates to and interconnects with HIV and gender based violence.


The information in this Toolkit is designed to:


- Build knowledge and skills around the rights and needs of LGBTI, with specific reference to preventing both HIV and GBV, and reducing the risk of LGBTI people to both epidemics
- Be a tool for advocacy purposes to build policy and programme support for LGBTI within the HIV & GBV arena, at community, national and regional levels
- Inform HIV and GBV programme and policy planning, ensuring that the rights and needs of LGBTI are considered


Click on the links below to download components of the Toolkit:




Handbook Know Much More
LGBTI Book  Lesbian and Bisexual Women
 Gay and Bisexual Men  Transgender Booklet
 Intersex Booklet




To order hard copies of the toolkit, contact:

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