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Thematic Focus Areas

Welcome to this section where information covering our core thematic focus areas is grouped.

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Turning the Tide on Gender Based Violence Summit Report: November 1st-3rd, 2011 Harare, Zimbabwe

The SAfAIDS Regional Summit, Turning the Tide on Gender Based Violence, HIV and Culture in Southern Africa, held from November 1st-3rd, 2011, in Harare, Zimbabwe, is the second such cross cultural learning conference to date1. This was a combined event which included the north-south annual conference, regional monitoring and experience sharing events.

Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS Challenging the Sexual Cleansing of Ifutha to Address GBV in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS (GAPA), a South African community-based organisation located in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha township is one such organisation working to challenge and address harmful cultural beliefs and practices that heighten women’s susceptibility to HIV infection and to experiencing gender based violence.

TB: Steps to recovery

What you can do during your TB treatment

  • Ask your health services provider about eating healthily while you are on TB treatment. Eating a balanced diet will help your body make best use of the TB medicines, so that you get stronger faster
  • Identify someone to be your treatment buddy and assist you to take your medicines every day
  • Keep going to the clinic for your follow up visits as instructed

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SAfAIDS Zambia Gender and HIV: Policy Brief

In Zambia, a number of policies and legal instruments impact on women, girls and HIV and AIDS. These include the Reproductive Health Policy; the National Health Strategic Plan (2011 – 2015); the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; the Youth Policy and the Child Policy, among others. This brief will focus on the Gender Policy and the National HIV and AIDS Policy and Strategic Framework.


Brochure: ‘One Vision, One Way’ to Scaling-up Paediatric HIV, TB and Malaria Continuum of Care in the SADC Region

‘One Vision, One Way’ to Scaling-up Paediatric HIV, TB and Malaria Continuum of Care in the SADC Region


Get Involved! Fight Paediatric HIV, TB & Malaria through ‘One Vision… One Way’
The more involvement in ‘One Vision, One Way’, the quicker and better results will be achieved.
If you belong to a civil society organisation, a cooperating agency, advocacy or service providing institution and are looking to increase the impact of your actions, we invite you to join SADC’s cause to harmonising approaches for Paediatric HIV, TB and Malaria

A Handbook for Integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights into HIV Programmes

This handbook presents key information to support training that will heighten understanding of how SRHR and MNCH are relevant to those of us working in the HIV field, and how these aspects can be integrated into our programmes. There are always concerns when it comes to ‘integrating’ something, with questions such as “does this not just mean more work?”. This handbook is designed to highlight feasible ways of integrating SRHR and MNCH into HIV programmes. This is not a small task, but we should bear in mind that the HIV epidemic calls for strong and innovative action, and that by integrating SRHR and MNCH we have the potential to reduce the impact this disease is having on communities in Zambia.


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