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Sexual and Reproductive Health Right,“Young people are the solution - not the problem”

SAfAIDS and Centre for Positive Care held a two days workshop from the 30 - 31 March 2015 at CASA Grande conference centre near Brits Town. The workshop was attended by 34 (20 females and 14 males) out of school youth from different farms and villages of Brits town.  The purpose of the workshop was to build capacity of YPiSA on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and HIV prevention.


The young people who were drawn from different and diverse backgrounds shared common challenges that included lack of SHRH information and services for young people around their areas. The participants appreciated the training as it provided what they needed- “information on SRHR”



                         Young people receiving their YPISA packages


Their active participation illustrated eagerness and devotion to become champions. To support information dissemination YPiSA were provided with the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Activity Toolkit” as a referral tool to provide SRHR information and referrals for other youth to access SRH services  in their areas.