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SAfAIDS supports vulnerable girls in Bulawayo

“Knowing what puts young girls at risk and how to deal with these issues is one of the greatest weapons I have learnt in this training.”


"This training has taught me that as a girl child, no matter what circumstances one is experiencing, there are better ways of dealing with them, without putting oneself at risk of HIV. "

With funding from USAID, Musa is one of 80 out-of-school club facilitators trained by SAfAIDS in a major step towards reducing HIV new infection and gender-based violence (GBV) among adolescent girls and young women in Zimbabwe. Together, Musa and the other facilitators will reach more than 9,600 out-of-school adolescent girls aged 15-24 years, with HIV prevention and gender norms information through out-of-school clubs.


Having faced stigma, discrimination, abuse and even attempting to commit suicide three times, Musa has fought against the odds and is determined to reach out to other vulnerable adolescents to help them prevent new HIV infections and GBV. She believes she can use her personal experience to influence other girls not to expose themselves to situations that put their lives at risk through HIV and GBV. “As a club facilitator, I hope to equip adolescent girls and young women living with HIV on how to deal with the stigma and discrimination they face in their everyday lives. I will link the girls to health facilities for treatment, care and support services and use the ‘My body my health’ session to help both HIV positive and negative girls to value themselves and safeguard themselves from the consequences of unprotected sex”.


With such determination, USAID and SAfAIDS’s continued support, there is no doubt that Musa and the other club facilitators will succeed in their quest to reduce new HIV infections and GBV among Zimbabwe’s adolescent girls and young women. 

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