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SAfAIDS Holds Stakeholders' Meeting

MASERU, 27 April 2015 (LENA) – In a bid to promote good health, SAfAIDS - Lesotho held a one-day National Wash and HIV Stakeholders Dialogue meeting in Maseru on Monday.


Speaking with LENA, SAfAIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Mr. None Roto said the meeting brought together stakeholders from the government, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and HIV and AIDS sectors with the aim to plan together and come up with operational guidelines that will assist stakeholders to do what the government entails in the framework pertaining to HIV and WASH integration.


He said the objective was also to initiate committees dealing with HIV among others to include water, hygiene and sanitation issues in their programmes as they integrate with HIV.


He stated that hygiene and water play a vital role in caring for HIV patients and there is need to integrate these sectors.


Also interviewed was SAfAIDS Regional Head of Programme, Mr. Ngoni Chibukire who said the Lesotho government did well in terms of coming up with a policy that will monitor HIV and WASH integration, there is need for government to take WASH and HIV integration agenda forward.


He said water is life and WASH is the core part of public health, emphasising the need for WASH and HIV partners to cooperate in order to address these issues at the national level.


He therefore indicated that the participants are expected to empower and make a report that will promote the integration of WASH and HIV as well as to ensure access to improved water supply in rural areas to prevent diseases.


SAfAIDS was established with the aim to promote effective and ethical development responses to the epidemic and its impact through HIV and AIDS knowledge management, capacity development, advocacy, policy analysis and documentation