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Resource Centre Network

This is a well structured, strategically located and coordinated network of information resource centres and kiosks establilshed by SAfAIDS in partnership with national networks of AIDS service organisations in Southern Africa. The key function of this network is to address the HIV and AIDS information gap between countries and hard to reach communities within Southern Africa. The effective use of ICTs within the network has improved the flow of information to and from rural communities and marginalised populations.
Key Functions of SAfAIDS Satellite Resource Centres (SSRCs)
  • Serve as a focal point for marketing SAfAIDS publications, materials and activities in a country in a given country in southern Africa.
  • Collect, document, package and disseminate HIV and AIDS related information and materials in that country and the southern African region.
  • Encourage information exchange and experience sharing between NGOs, ASOs, FBOs, Youth and civil society organisations working in the field of HIV and AIDS.
  • Develop and strengthen the capacity of NGOs, ASOs, CBOs, and FBOs working in the field of HIV and AIDS to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) as well as to effectively document and manage knowledge on HIV and AIDS in Botswana.
Target Audience
The target beneficiaries for satellite resource centres are intermediary organisations working in the field of HIV and AIDS with information and capacity development programmes. More specifically, satellite resource centres target researchers, government officials, youth groups and students, as well as civil society representatives, community based organisations (CBOs), Faith-based organisations (FBOs) and AIDS Service Organisations (ASOs).
Accessing Satellite Resource Centres
The Satellite Resource Centres are open to walk-in and phone-in visitors as well as to reach out to target audience through a dedicated email address for information requests. The Satellite Resource Centres also strive to make their services accessible to people with disabilities.
Rural Information Kiosks (RIKs)
This is a low cost HIV and AIDS information point found in a community, run by community member. It is meant to bridge the information gap between the urban and rural population.SAfAIDS has supported its satellite resource centre partners to establish rural information kiosks in the hard to reach communities therefore increasing access to readily available HIV and AIDS information for the diverse population groups within Southern Africa.
Resource centres