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Policy & Research

SAfAIDS Policy & Research Unit:

Facilitating Evidence-Based Action across the Southern Africa Region


At SAfAIDS we firmly believe that research evidence should be the starting point of all our programmes. It is the foundation on which policies and programmes are built. As such, the Policy and Research Unit works closely with policy makers and programme partners at regional and national level to facilitate the translation of research into action.


The Policy and Research unit is responsible for all policy and research-related activities for the organisation. The following are the core activities of the unit:

  • Conducting original research on HIV and SRH-related issues to inform advocacy activities.
  • Analysing policy and research data for repackaging, dissemination, and utilization in the region.
  • Conducting Implementing science (operations research) for organizational projects.  
  • Developing develop policy materials (e.g. policy briefs, position papers) for publication.

The Policy and Research section has the following key areas (also on the sub-menu on top):


Related publications:

Staying positive and healthy in the workplace: Wellness@Work, Issue 1, 2012

Welcome to this flagship edition of the Wellness at Work Newsletter where we hope to share with you information, ideas and experiences to help you and your organisations to stay healthy, wealthy and productive.

Workplace HIV Programmes: Implementation Guide, ILO and SAfAIDS, 2010

This Implementation Guide assumes that a workplace HIV policy is already in place in the user organisation or sector. The Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development Manual covers the principles and practical steps for development of such a policy.

Workplace HIV and AIDS Policy and Programme Development: Training Manual, ILO and SAfAIDS, 2010

The training manual serves as an important guide intended for use, either as part of training workshop to develop workplace HIV programmes, or for workplace policy development. It takes the user through a step by step sequence in establishing workplace HIV policy and programmes, providing guidance on how to involve various stakeholders in programming and on how to create strategic partnerships in a workplace setting. It also guides on how to monitor and evaluate workplace programmes.

SAfAIDS Zambia Gender and HIV: Policy Brief

In Zambia, a number of policies and legal instruments impact on women, girls and HIV and AIDS. These include the Reproductive Health Policy; the National Health Strategic Plan (2011 – 2015); the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; the Youth Policy and the Child Policy, among others. This brief will focus on the Gender Policy and the National HIV and AIDS Policy and Strategic Framework.


Brochure: ‘One Vision, One Way’ to Scaling-up Paediatric HIV, TB and Malaria Continuum of Care in the SADC Region

‘One Vision, One Way’ to Scaling-up Paediatric HIV, TB and Malaria Continuum of Care in the SADC Region


Get Involved! Fight Paediatric HIV, TB & Malaria through ‘One Vision… One Way’
The more involvement in ‘One Vision, One Way’, the quicker and better results will be achieved.
If you belong to a civil society organisation, a cooperating agency, advocacy or service providing institution and are looking to increase the impact of your actions, we invite you to join SADC’s cause to harmonising approaches for Paediatric HIV, TB and Malaria

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