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Objectives & Guiding Principles


Four strategic objectives guide our programming as follows:


1: Strengthen the capacity of key policy makers and service providers to utilise strategic data to influence policy and practice in SRHR, HIV and TB


2: Reduce gender, religious and cultural barriers to access to integrated SRHR, HIV, PMTCT and TB services by women and girls 


3: Advocate for integrated SRHR and HIV services for young people and adolescents


4: Advocate for the rights of marginalised populations to access SRHR and HIV services.


Our principles

As an organisation, we anchor ourselves on the following principles:


Leadership: our pool of expertise boasts skills in technical support, advisory services, community expertise, research and policy, and media development


Transformation: we catalyse and stimulate timely, demand-driven responses, as well as shape attitudes and beliefs for meaningful change


Networking and partnerships: collective responses can make a difference, so we thrive on relationship building and networking to transfer and share skills and practice


Communication and Social Media: we articulate our work through use of cutting edge technology, online and electronically, and through capturing best practices


Technical capacity enhancement: we continually strive to enrich our ability to fundraise, implement, document, evaluate and share our work.