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National Behaviour Change Strategy for Prevention of Sexual Transmission of HIV - 2006 - 2010, Zimbabwe

This Behavioural Change Strategy therefore provides guidance to all stakeholders on their contributions to behavioural change promotion over the period from 2006 to 2010. It spells out key expected outputs and areas of focus necessary for achieving results. It strengthens successful elements of the past response like promotion of condom use, but also focuses on new key aspects. Epidemiological evidence shows that reducing multiple partnering including promotion of faithfulness in marriage and other long-term relationships has to be in the centre of behavioural change promotion. Underlying root causes of risk behaviours like imbalanced gender relations and stigma associated with HIV will be addressed. Decentralized behavioural change planning and involvement of leadership at district and community levels are core elements of the Strategy. The key areas of focus are the same as those outlined in the National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS. Focusing on these key areas will result in more concerted efforts and is likely to make a greater impact.
2007 06 29 Zim BCC Strategy.pdf1.46 MB