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Malawi HIV/AIDS Action Framework 2005 - 2009

The National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework expired at the end of October 2004, necessitating the development of a new National HIV/AIDS Action Framework to guide the national response. This National HIV/AIDS Action Framework (NAF) 2005 - 2009 is a culmination of the End of Term Review of the National Strategic Framework (NSF). While the review acknowledged the achievements during the past five years, it also recognised the challenges and the gaps in the response. These gaps exist in service coverage for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support.


The biggest challenge is to translate universal awareness of HIV/AIDS into behaviour change. Despite awareness of the modes of HIV transmission, during the past five years prevalence rates have stabilised but remained high. Moreover, mitigation interventions have largely remained undeveloped, and treatment is an emerging, critical issue that needs to be addressed.

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