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Launch of the Village to Village- I Know My HIV Status- Do you? 90 x 90 x 90 Campaign in Marondera District


Chief Seke and Chief Svosve during the launch session

On the 2nd of August 2016, SAfAIDS in partnership with Seke Rural Home based Care with support from UNAIDS ESA, launched the Rock leadership 90 V2V campaign in Marondera district at Chief Svosve’s rural homestead. More than 350 people attended the event. The launch was also used as a platform to provide integrated HTS, targeting men, women, adolescents and children from the community to know their HIV status.


In his remarks, Chief Svosve indicated that it was a special day for everyone to get tested as services were brought closer to the people. “After getting tested people can be enrolled on ART and survive” he said.  The National HIV Prevention Coordinator within the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Ms. Getrude Ncube supported the event as she further explains the 90 by 90 by 90 UNAIDS target to eradicate HIV by 2030. She postulates, ‘We no longer want to talk about HIV and AIDS pandemic killing people. This is a village to village campaign as the services are delivered at our doorsteps’’.


PSI and the New Start Center were invited to offer HTS services onsite. Huge crowds responded positively as they willingly visited the tents for HIV testing, following awareness sessions. Chief Svosve and Chief Seke as the role models of the community were the first to get tested. People were responding positively as one of the villagers highlighted that it was a good strategy to reach everyone in remote communities. Couples accessed the services together.


Mothers accessing HTS


Fast Track Champions were proud and confident that they are able to engage the community on HTS. As part of enhancing their visibility in communities during campaigns, they were provided with identification materials and IEC materials for use


‘’We are proud of becoming village health workers, for the activities to go forward and people to participate is through our commitment in encouraging everyone. We mobilize, we encourage and we help the community by all means possible’


Edutainment activities were provided by Patsime Edutainment trust. They portrayed how traditional leaders and religious leaders may mislead people in terms of accessing HTS services. The group emphasized that traditional leaders are the role models who are able to motivate their community to get tested.


The V2V certificate was handed over for both chiefs to sign as a symbol of accepting and launching the programme into their community. In his closing remarks, Chief Svosve emphasized the need for everyone to know their status without fear or prejudice.