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Botswana National HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework, 2003 - 2009

Botswana's National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework 2003-2009 represents a departure from the past and into new ways of thinking and acting in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It takes the experience of building multi-sectoral responses to HIV/AIDS, both here in Botswana and internationally, and moulds them into an aggressive, forward-looking framework with the central aim of ensuring and driving implementation. This departure, this new thinking, is absolutely critical for Botswana, as it presents a crucial and definitive opportunity to radically address the epidemic and avert what is already becoming a national catastrophe. Botswana can be seen as a leader in efforts to combat the epidemic and there is no other option but success. It must be remembered by all that what is done here will serve as the foundation of a renewed and aggressive response to the epidemic in the sub-region, the continent, and beyond.
Botswana National HIVAIDS Strategic Framework_2003-2009.pdf1.17 MB