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Action: Enter CNN African Journalist Awards 2007

Participants can choose to submit material relating to any of the categories listed below. Entrants are strictly limited to submitting 2 entries per category. The same piece may only be entered in one category.

Print entries please send the original AND photocopy of each submitted article Television entries please send 2 VHS copies of each submitted piece Radio entries please send 2 audiocassette or CD copies of your submitted material With the exception of Television & Radio General news; MKO Abiola Print and the Mohamed Amin photographic award - all categories are open to print, television, radio and internet journalists.

1. SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS TOURISM AWARD Stories should promote travel and tourism in Africa and its role in Africa's economic development

2. ARTS & CULTURE sponsored by Celtel The Arts have the power to transform lives and create opportunities while culture is at the heart of today's Africa. Stories should celebrate any aspect of African Arts, (e.g. visual art, music, dance, acting, writing, sculpture, crafts etc) or culture.

3. ECONOMICS & BUSINESS sponsored by Coca-Cola Africa A wide-ranging topic, stories may relate to any aspect of economics and business across the continent and its vital role in Africa's development.

4. ENVIRONMENT Entries may relate to any aspect of the environment including its protection and innovative ways to combat environmental damage across the African continent.

5. FREE PRESS AFRICA AWARD This award recognises journalistic work that demonstrates courage and integrity and enhances the cause of media freedom. Family members, the public, editors or colleagues may also submit nominations by using the separate FREE PRESS AFRICA AWARD entry form.

6. MSD HEALTH & MEDICAL AWARD Entries may relate to all aspects of general health and medical issues including: diseases and their treatments; healthcare development, training of medical personnel, the exodus of medical professionals from the continent, the cost of healthcare and the role of African traditional medicines and healers.

7. THE HENRY J. KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION AWARD for HIV/AIDS JOURNALISM This award will recognize outstanding reporting on HIV/AIDS in Africa and specifically the broad impact of the epidemic across different sectors of society, on individuals, communities and nations, and the resilience of the African response to the epidemic. This category is open to journalists from English, French and Portuguese speaking territories.

8. MIH Print Media Award - Best feature in a Magazine The category recognises an individual journalist's excellence in magazine feature writing. Entries should demonstrate the artful fusion of research, insight and creative flair that makes a balanced and ultimately re-readable story along with stylishness and originality with which the story is told, particularly when viewed in light of the publications' target market.

9. MOHAMED AMIN PHOTOGRAPHIC AWARD sponsored by Camerapix Donated by his family through his company, Camerapix, the photographic award is given in recognition of the life and work of the late Mohamed Amin. The award may be given to either an individual photograph or a photographic essay, maximum 5 photographs. Both Black & White and colour photos are acceptable.

10. M.K.O. ABIOLA PRINT JOURNALIST AWARD sponsored by Safebond Africa Ltd. Submissions must relate to GENERAL NEWS stories from any part of the African continent.

11. SPORT sponsored by Global Media Alliance Entries may relate to any aspect of sports journalism, for example reporting of sports events, the business behind sports, features on personalities etc.

12. TELEVISION - GENERAL NEWS - FEATURE/CURRENT AFFAIRS sponsored by IPP Media, Tanzania Up to 60 minutes duration

13. TELEVISION - GENERAL NEWS - NEWS BULLETIN Sponsored by The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town Up to 5 minutes duration

14. RADIO - GENERAL NEWS Submissions must relate to GENERAL NEWS stories from any part of the African continent. Each entry must be of broadcast quality on audiocassette and be no longer than 20 minutes duration.

General News - Print General News - TV and/or Radio TV entries Radio entries must be of broadcast quality on audiocassette and be no longer than 20 minutes duration. Veuillez utiliser le formulaire d'inscription francophone pour cette catégorie.

16. PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE GENERAL NEWS. General news - open to Print, TV, Radio and Photographic journalists Por favor, utilize o formulário de entrada em Português para esta categoria

HIV and AIDS Journalists can enter categories 6 and 7


For more information please visit the CNN African Journalist of the Year Competition 2007