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2nd National Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2006 - 2008

The national response has gone through five planning cycles since the AIDS epidemic emerged in the country. Every successive plan has to some degree represented an expansion of the response in line with growth and development of the epidemic in the country and introduction of new response tools by the international community. Because of the extensive nature of the epidemic, this plan seeks to contribute towards achievement of the vision to halt and reverse the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the country by 2015.


This plan shall contribute to the attainment of this vision by reducing new HIV infections, morbidity and mortality as well as by mitigating the socio-economic impact of the epidemic, creating an enabling environment for the national response and tracking implementation of the response. While this plan builds on the achievements of the past it also calls for up-scaling an intensification of the response as well as implementation of a comprehensive and truly multisectoral response. The plan addresses strategies under four thematic areas namely; Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment, Impact Mitigation and Management of the national response. Under each thematic area, the plan designates an agenda for urgent and priority issues.

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