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HIV and TB Co-infection

Welcome to the HIV and TB Co-infection section. Find here information to do with HIV and TB Co-infection in relation to treatment.

A success story: Surviving Tuberculosis

Masiza Lukhele is an ex-miner who lives in Buseleni - a chiefdom found in Nkwene constituency. He earns a living from keeping poultry in a small scale that helps him keep his family slightly above the poverty datum line. He was diagnosed with TB while working in the dusty tunnels of one of the South African mines. He first enrolled for treatment in Lebanon hospital in the Republic of South Africa and was successful in completing a six months long treatment. During his treatment he was compelled to retire from work.

Swaziland: TB affected communities taking action

SAfAIDS in collaboration with the miners association conducted 2 meetings with TB affected communities in 2 Constituencies (Nkwene and Mpolonjeni) on 19-20th November 2014. During these meetings the communities were given refresher training on TB (with more emphasis on TB symptoms, community coordinated support in identifying TB patients for TB treatment and adherence). The newly developed National Strategic Plan (NSP 2015-2019) on TB was introduced to the communities through a presentation by the National TB Programme (NTP).

Addressing TB and HIV more effectively in southern Africa: Policy Brief, SAfAIDS

TB, once thought to be a disease of the past or at the very least a disease restricted to poor countries, has re-emerged as the greatest threat to people living with HIV (PLHIV). It now threatens to reverse the huge gains made in the HIV and AIDS arena over the past 25 years. The HIV epidemic is reviving an old problem in well-resourced countries and greatly worsening an existing problem in resource-poor countries. One of the greatest challenges confronting service providers is that the best available treatments are of limited efficacy and are reaching only a small fraction of people who need them. Universal access to effective TB treatment is unachievable with current tools.

TB drugs recalled shortly after ARV recall

SOUTH AFRICA, 11 August 2008 (Health - e) - The health department has withdrawn two widely-dispensed tuberculosis (TB) drug combination batches after preliminary investigations revealed the drugs became unstable under long-term storage, ultimately placing patients at risk of not receiving their optimal dosage.

Homophobia fuelling the spread of HIV

The persistent and increasing outbreaks of violence against members of the gay community in Africa are jeopardising efforts undertaken to combat HIV, both within this group and across the population as a whole, AIDS activists warned at a recent meeting in Limbé, Cameroon.

US lifts travel ban on HIV-positive people

The move by the United States Senate to repeal legislation prohibiting HIV-positive visitors and immigrants has been hailed as an important step in the fight against stigma and discrimination.
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