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Welcome to the Prevention section.HIV prevention


Prevention for Positives: Facilitator's Guide

Family Health international (FHi) is proud to present Prevention for Positives: A Course Module for Healthcare Professionals. FHi developed this module to build clinical staff knowledge about prevention with Hiv-positive persons in low-resource settings.

HIV Prevention Blueprint for the Workplace

In this module we provide guidance on how a company can organize HIV/AIDS prevention in the workplace

Reassessing HIV Prevention

The largest investments in AIDS prevention targeted to the general population are being made in interventions where the evidence for large-scale impact is uncertain.

Intensifying HIV Prevention

The primary goal of this paper is to energize and mobilize an intensification of HIV prevention with an ultimate aim of universal access to HIV prevention and treatment. The paper defines the central actions that must be taken to arrest the spread of new HIV infections and to turn the tide against AIDS.

Positive Prevention Guidelines

UNAIDS practical guidelines towards intensifying HIV prevention. This is in line with achieving universal access to treatment.

Cultural Aproach to Prevention

Culture and its impact on HIV and AIDS prevention and care: A case study on the Senegalese experience.

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