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I am Unstoppable- SAfAIDS Leadership Academy Graduate

“I live by Koffi Anani’s quote which says, you are never too young to lead and never doubt your capacity to triumph where others have not”.

Bumba Malambo has become Zambia’s youngest female politician at 24, and is not stopping at anything in her quest for growth. She is a dynamic humanitarian who is a go getter, who believes her destiny is in her hands. Her quest for growth saw her applying to be part of the SAfAIDS Young People’s Leadership Academy, which she qualified for after undergoing a grueling selection process.

Zambia National Strategic AIDS Framework 2011 – 2015: Towards Improving the Quality of life of the Zambian People

The National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework (NASF) 2011-2015 constitutes a multi-sectoral, multi-layer and decentralised response to HIV and AIDS in Zambia. The Framework is designed to provide adequate space and opportunities for communities, civil society, private sector, development partners (bilateral and  multi-lateral agencies) and government institutions to actively participate in the implementation based on their mandate and comparative advantage

Catalyzing Government Efforts to Reduce Child Mortality and Improve Maternal Health Services through Community Preparedness and Increased Advocacy Efforts in Zambia

SAfAIDS Zambia, with support from Save the Children, have just completed a successful 8-months project where the capacity of Community Based Volunteers (CBVs), policy makers, key stakeholders and parliamentarians was improved to better understand the importance of Maternal Child Health (MCH),  and be able to advocate for increased access to services (including SRHR and PMTCT). The project also successes in re-establishing mothers’ shelters for pregnant women in some of Zambia’s remotest villages.  

SAfAIDS Zambia Gender and HIV: Policy Brief

In Zambia, a number of policies and legal instruments impact on women, girls and HIV and AIDS. These include the Reproductive Health Policy; the National Health Strategic Plan (2011 – 2015); the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; the Youth Policy and the Child Policy, among others. This brief will focus on the Gender Policy and the National HIV and AIDS Policy and Strategic Framework.


A Handbook for Integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights into HIV Programmes

This handbook presents key information to support training that will heighten understanding of how SRHR and MNCH are relevant to those of us working in the HIV field, and how these aspects can be integrated into our programmes. There are always concerns when it comes to ‘integrating’ something, with questions such as “does this not just mean more work?”. This handbook is designed to highlight feasible ways of integrating SRHR and MNCH into HIV programmes. This is not a small task, but we should bear in mind that the HIV epidemic calls for strong and innovative action, and that by integrating SRHR and MNCH we have the potential to reduce the impact this disease is having on communities in Zambia.


Click on the link below to download Handbook

Situational Analysis on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)/HIV Integration in Zambia, SAfAIDS and and Youth Vision Zambia (YVZ) July 2011

Situational Analysis on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)/HIV Integration in Zambia, SAfAIDS and and Youth Vision Zambia (YVZ) July 2011

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